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Becoming a Member of KSP Theatre Inc has multiple benefits, including discounts at the Box Office, Bar and Cafe.

KSP members also get discounted tickets at Mousetrap Theatre, Act 1 Theatre and Sandgate Theatre shows.

We offer both Single and Family memberships, at $30 and $50 respectively, renewed annually (due on the 1st July each year). 


To become a Member of KSP Theatre Inc (or to renew your membership), please complete and submit the below form.

For Family Memberships, please complete the form with one name and then put the other family members details in the

"Anything you would like to add?" box.

We will then contact you to confirm your membership and organise payment.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about membership or payment.

© 2023 KSP Theatre Inc.

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